Your Definitive Holiday Guide: 12 Perfect Presents for Increased Presence

The holiday season is upon us, Honey Bunny.

For the remainder of the year, we have a great opportunity to count blessings, reflect upon what’s happened this year and to dream of what’s to come. We can also give gifts to our loved ones as a way of showing our appreciation and our love.

This year, I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts with you so that you can infuse your gift giving with high-vibe loving energy. I pray that you and your loved ones are blessed this season and that you create memories that last a lifetime.

I want you to remember that it’s not about how much a gift costs or what brands you buy. It’s really about thinking deeply about the person you’re buying for, reflecting on what they’ve brought to your life, what brings them joy and finding a present that reflects who they are and what they bring to your life. As I shop, I love to think about each of my loved ones and selecting unique gifts just for them. I hope that you’ll also take time to deeply reflect as you buy gifts for your family and friends.

To help you out, I’m sharing my definitive guide to presents that increase your presence. In the spirit of transparency, I am a proud Amazon affiliate, so if you click on the links below and purchase, I may receive a commission. I only share products and offerings I believe in. I hope they bring you as much joy as they have brought me.

Here we go!

1. The Universe Has Your Back Set: Book, Card Deck and Journal

Gabby Bernstein is my teacher and I just love her book, The Universe Has Your Back. Recently, I wrote a blog post about how I re-read this book to help me overcome my fear of the future. It has helpful practices, meditation, journaling exercises designed to help you tap into your reservoir of faith and your omnipresent connection to God.

Gabby, with the help of amazing watercolor artist, Micaela Ezra, launched a 52 card deck. The cards feature beautiful messages that help you to re-align with the power of love. Last month, they also released a gorgeous journal inspired by the book. You can fill the pages of this journal with your dreams, musings, prayers and whatever spills out onto the page.

Once you purchase the journal, you can sign up HERE for a free journaling meditation. You’ll need your receipt # in order to access the meditation.

2. Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb Card Deck

I have been a huge fan of this truthbomb card deck for years and I use it daily. I have the cards set on my dresser in front of my Buddha statue. Every morning, after I make my bed, I randomly select a card (or three or four cards!) to see what messages the Universe has for me. Some of these messages have inspired my writing, like this one about running your five minute mile.

The messages in this #truthbomb card deck soothe me, inspire me and also make me question how I am going about my life — the thoughts I’m thinking, the actions I’m taking and the intentions I’m holding.

You can even leave these cards at coffee shops, stores, the mall, so that other people can be inspired by them.

3. Louise Hay’s “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar

If you know anything about me, you know that Louise Hay changed my life with her book, You Can Heal Your Life. I recite affirmations from this book daily.

Anytime I have a physical ailment, I look at the spiritual meaning of the illness to see how what’s been going on in my mind is manifesting into physical symptoms.

I’m excited about Louise’s daily calendar because it includes 365 positive affirmations, thoughts and words of wisdom.

You can set this calendar on your dresser so that it’s the first thing you see in the morning or on your desk at work as a reminder to stay in alignment with your higher power.

4. Yes, I Am: Affirming Your Way Into the Life You Want E-course

This year, I launched my first e-course, Yes, I Am: Affirming Your Way Into the Life You Want.

In this e-course, you learn my four step method for changing your life. I guide you through conducting a mind inventory (to understand what your autopilot thoughts are), developing a dream atlas (filled with your highest desires and wishes for your life), creating your own affirmations (that are high-vibe and reflect what you want to create), and overcoming your greatest obstacles with my best practices. Use the discount code IAMPRESENT to receive 15% off your purchase.

5. Oprah and Deepak Meditations

Image Used Courtesy of Oprah and Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience

Image Used Courtesy of Oprah and Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience

Meditation is just as important as brushing your teeth and taking a bath (and most of us do this daily!). If starting a meditation practice seems overwhelming, I highly suggest trying out Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditations. Don’t forget to sign up for their mailing list because, every so often, they offer free meditation experiences. Some of my personal favorite meditation experiences are Hope in Uncertain Times, Finding Your Flow and Energy of Attraction.

6. Law of Attraction Daily Planner

I am a huge planner nerd and I love the law of attraction.

This planner is the best of both worlds.

You can also get access to a free mini-course that teaches you a 10 minute morning routine that will ignite your success. You can write down your to-do lists, feel good lists and keep a gratitude journal, all in one place.

I believe that it’s important to constantly think about what you want to bring about. As you go about your day, why not use a planner that helps you place your highest good at the forefront of your life? It helps you to infuse powerful intentions into your daily actions, so that you can show up as the best version of yourself every single day.

It’s time to start planning for your best life and then putting those plans into action.

7. Manduka Yoga Mat

I bought my first Manduka mat in 2008 at Miami Life Center. I had just started doing Ashtanga yoga consistently and my little Gaiam mat from Target was worn out and needed to be retired. At the time, I wasn’t making much money and I agonized over which yoga mat to use. I knew I wanted quality, something that could withstand a lifetime of practices. If that meant spending more morning, that was something I was willing to do. I remember when I chose my mat — it was a midnight colored PROLite. I looked at all different brands, colors and I asked for suggestions. This was my first big ticket yoga purchase and I’m so glad I took the leap. My first mat lasted me almost 10 years (and it’s still in good shape) before I got a new one (still Manduka — I just wanted a new one!).

8. Tiny Devotions Mala Beads

When I first started my job in Corporate Finance, I wanted to commemorate the occasion with a Tiny Devotions bracelet. It served as a reminder that I have the power to create my destiny. When I would get stressed because I didn’t really know what I was doing, I would look at my bracelet and remember what Marie Forleo always says, “Everything is figureoutable.

I bought my best friends, T.A. and Angela, their own mala bracelets as a reminder of our friendship and their own beautiful, bright light.

9. MantraBand Bracelet

Image Used Courtesy of MantraBand

Image Used Courtesy of MantraBand

Another great brand that I love is MantraBand. They have a whole bunch of mantras that inspire, motivate and delight.

As you go through your day, you look down at the mantra on your bracelet and remember your purpose, your greatness and your connection to the Universe. These bands are both beautiful and purposeful.

You can buy multiple MantraBands and stack them on your arm. You and your bestie (or your mom/daughter/cousin) can rock the same MantraBand as a reminder of your bond. The sky is the limit when it comes to styling this beautiful accessory. They also have necklaces. Use my code LATISHA to receive 10% off your purchase.

10. Smudge Kit

One of the ways that I clear the space and ward off negativity is smudging.

I own this smudging kit and weekly I smudge my house.

I walk thru each room, burning sage, fanning the smoke with the feather and reciting, “Into this smoke I release all energies that no longer serve me, all negativity that surrounds me and all fears that limit me. And so it is.

I find that it helps me clear out my physical and mental space of things that don’t serve me. I highly suggest trying it out.

Be careful and never leave burning sage (or burning anything) unattended. Also, one thing I didn’t know before I started smudging is that sage smells a lot like marijuana (even though it’s not). You can try palo santo, cedar, or lavendar as great alternatives.

11. Love Powered Co’s Love Powered Littles Box Set

As you know, I am a huge advocate of affirmations and the power of positive thinking. I believe that any great change is preceded by a profound shift in mindset.

Love Powered Co has created a Love Powered Littles Box that helps them access the power of mantras at an early age. Imagine what the world would be like if every child recited life affirming affirmations from the moment they could speak.

Don’t tell Lyric that Santa will be getting these for her this year! I’m so excited I could squeal.

12. Honest Beauty Products

I love Honest Beauty products because of the company’s commitment to clean ingredients. I personally use the Gentle Gel Cleanser, Deep Hydration cream and Facial Oil daily. I love knowing that I’m not using toxic ingredients. Also, I have super sensitive skin and these products don’t aggravate my skin. Honest Beauty offers skincare, make-up and haircare.

So there you have it, Honey Bunny! Remember the holiday season is more about spending time with your loved ones than spending money on them … but if you’re gonna spend money, you might as well spend it high-vibe.

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and let me know what some of your favorite gifts to give are.

I’m cheering for you. Like I did when Kevin got reunited with his family.

From the Front Row,


P/S A wonderful idea is to also make a donation to your favorite non-profit organizations in honor of your loved ones.