What Were You Interested In As a Child?

LaTisha's Answer: Music and teaching.

My favorite cartoon was Jem and I loved Kids' Incorporated. As a child, I made my own mixtapes and stayed glued to the radio to catch all my favorite jams. I loved to sit on my swing set in the backyard and make up my own songs. During the summertime, I’d stay up all night and watch music videos on MTV, VH1, CMT, and BET. One of my favorite movies was a cheesy movie named Salsa starring Robby Rosa. I loved that movie and it was terrible. Terrible, I tell you. You couldn’t tell me nothing about it, though.  

I also loved to teach. During the summer, every day I'd line up all my dolls in the living room and teach. I'd figure out what I wanted to say each day and then stand up in front of them and just talk. It made me feel really good.

I also love reading, so I spent a lot of time reading. I went thru my rebellious phase in middle school and my mom put me in private school. I absolutely hated it and did not want to be there. In sixth grade, at lunchtime, I’d take a book, so that after I scarfed down my food, I’d open my book and read (so no one would try to talk to me). I read a lot of books during that time period.

Fun fact: arts and crafts give me major anxiety. I wish they didn’t because I bet it’d be super fun to do all sorts of DIY things. As a child, I’d get so anxious about art projects that sadly my mom did all of them. I can remember being in kindergarten and her doing my ocean shoebox project. In college, my friends and I went to paint pottery during finals as a way to “relax.” That was more stressful to me than taking my exams. As an adult, not much has changed. A couple of years ago, I went to a sip & paint with one of my dear friends. I was so stressed out about the painting that the teacher ended up finishing my painting while I focused on the sipping part. It was too much.

When you are searching for clues on your life purpose, go back to the beginning -- to your childhood. What did you love? What did you spend your time doing? You may think that there's nothing there of value, but, believe me, there is.

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and let me know what you were interested in as a child.

I am cheering for you. Like it’s Demo Day on Fixer Upper. Another fun fact: I’m from Waco.

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