What Takes Up Most of Your Time?

Happy Wednesday, Honey Bunny!

This week we are exploring the #1 myth that impacts your company’s bottom line (and, quite frankly, yours, too). Today’s question prompts us to do a time inventory -- where exactly are we spending our time?

LaTisha’s Answer: It depends on my childcare situation.

M-F, 9 AM to 6 PM, I’m fortunate that my mom watches Lyric. 8 AM to noon, my aunt helps her out. My grandmother is usually right there, supervising.

I normally spend business hours doing some sort of work for my business -- coaching, developing programs, blogging, social media outreach, client engagement, continuing education, etc. I also have to get any personal items done during this time, too. I really do try to maintain business hours, like normal. As an entrepreneur, it’s tempting to binge watch Grace and Frankie, but I do try to keep myself on a schedule.

I pump 4 times a day -- 5 minute set-up, 20 minute session, 15 minute breakdown, cleaning and sterilizing. During the 20 minute session, I either read a book, say affirmations, meditate, or listen to an audiobook (which I just got into recently). Sometimes, I’ll catch up on Modern Family or Black ish (something funny because I want milk infused with good vibes -- what can I say? I’m still a yogi).

Around 6 PM or so, it’s time for Lyric and mami. We read our night books and then play with Nani and Papaw, while they watch their telenovelas on Univision. For awhile, I tried to sleep train her, but she had other ideas.

For the most part, she is on a pretty consistent schedule during the day (bottles/baby food at 7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, and 7 PM; naps at 9 AM and 1 PM). She’ll go to bed anywhere 7 PM to 10 PM. I’ve tried to continue working while she sleeps, but she’s pretty adamant that she wants mami right there with her. We co-sleep, so when she goes to bed, I normally do, too.

If I’m lucky, I’ll clock around 2-4 consecutive hours of sleep before it’s time to comfort nurse and/or change her diaper. Four days out of the week, she wakes up around 3 AM and will stay up until around 5 AM. I usually put on “I Love Lucy” or “Murder, She Wrote” and wait for her to get sleepy. She plays with her toys in the living room. She’ll fall asleep around 5 AM. She’ll wake up anywhere from 7 AM to 8 AM, depending on how tired she is. She’ll have breakfast and we’ll read our morning books before my aunt and mom arrive.

If she’s not feeling well or leaping (which she currently is), our schedule is all over the place and I will stop everything I’m doing, if she needs me.

On the weekends, it’s me and her. If I’m lucky, I’ll get about an hour or so to do some writing, but, if not, that’s okay. She’s growing so quickly that I am really trying to be present with her.

I told my dear friend, LaMecia, recently that Lyric is my priority and if this means that I don’t get to where I want professionally as quickly as I could, that’s okay. I won’t get this time back with her and I’m not certain if I’ll have more kids. So I really want to enjoy this motherhood experience, with its ups and downs, as much as I can.

Yes, I could do things differently. I have not been very good about consistent exercise or cooking healthy food. It’s always on my radar to do it. I’ve decided I’m just not gonna beat myself up about everything that didn’t get done or compare myself to the IG moms whose pictures are beautiful and accompanied by a well-written, witty caption.

I’ve chosen to look at this time in my life as slow and steady wins the race. I’ve got a limited bandwidth and I’ve chosen to allocate my time to what matters most to me. I’m very blessed that right now I’m in a position to do so. If anything changes, I’ll handle that change as it comes. I’m not gonna worry about something that may or may not happen. I’m doing the best I can and I’ve got to honor that.

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and let me know what takes up most of your time.

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