What Are You Really Good At?

LaTisha’s Answer: I am really good at making people feel heard, understood, and loved.

When I put 100% of my focus on the person in front of me, it’s like sunshine hitting a flower -- they open up and blossom right in front of me. I literally can get your entire life story in under five minutes flat, if I really wanted to.

When I was a little girl, I loved asking people questions. I found people fascinating and could not get enough of getting to know them. I probably was a huge bug-a-boo, but I didn’t care. I wanted to know what they knew. Not much has changed.

When it comes to people, I have a fantastic memory. I am big on names -- your name is one of the first gifts you received when you came into this world and I want to remember it. I also am really good at remembering at least one fun fact about most of the people I meet.

When I did my admissions interview at Rice, I scared Megan, the lady interviewing me. You see, a couple of months prior to my interview, I attended Women’s Weekend on campus, where I met current MBA students and prospective ones as well. At the cocktail hour, Megan spoke to a group of us prospectives. She was wearing a salmon colored sweater and was telling us that she had just completed a run and quick shower before coming to the event.

When she interviewed me, I immediately remembered her and she had no clue who I was. It happens to me a lot. She was so shocked that I remembered what she was wearing and the details of her run. I wasn’t even really trying to remember, either. The detail was just glued to my memory.

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and tell me what you’re really good at.

I’m cheering for you. Like you’ve got superpowers.

From the Front Row,