The Truth About You

Honey Bunny, let’s get something straight from the get go.

You are precious.

Yes, you.

The universe decided that it could not be complete unless you were born. And here you are now. You may question your divinity. You may question your worth. It’s okay to question. It’s okay to doubt.

There is nothing that you could ever say or do to change the fact that you are a love letter that the universe is writing to itself. Your existence puts something so beautiful into the world and we are all better because of it.

Let that sink in.

When you first start contemplating your divine nature, it feels like fraud. For years you may have doubted your worth. You may have thought, “There’s nothing special about me. I’m plain Jane. No one would miss me if I was gone.”

Nothing could be more false, boo. I want you to know that, on the day of your birth, the angels did backflips of grace and sang with sheer delight.

It is an honor for me to remind you of your divinity. I pray that one day you see yourself as I, and many of your loved ones see you — you are a divine ball of light soaking in the rays of love.

Now it's your turn. Comment below and give yourself a compliment.

I am cheering for you. Like I've had a close encounter with a child of God.

From the Front Row,