The Universe Only Trades Up

As we begin a new week, I want you to think about the areas in your life where you are playing small.

Accepting a life that is smaller than you. Shrinking so that others feel safe. Where are you not being true in your life?

The purpose of this self-inquiry is NOT to bog you down with more guilt and judgment. I don’t want you to feel bad that you feel bad. No, the purpose of this exercise is to tune you into the power of opposites. A lot of times we don’t know how we want to feel. However, we are oftentimes very clear on how we do NOT want to feel. Use that knowing to your advantage and ask yourself,

“What is the opposite of how I don’t want to feel?”

Moreover, where in your life are holding on when you should be letting go? What relationship have you tried to make work but they always blow up in your face? Is it painfully obvious that it’s time for you to move on from your job? Where in your life are you trying to fly under the radar so that you can maintain status quo for just a tad bit longer?

Getting by has worked thus far, after all.

I’m here to tell you that the universe only trades up. When you let go of what’s holding you down, you are free to stretch your wings to fly. When your hands are empty, you have the ability to grasp for something else, something greater than what you’ve held onto for so long.

If you continue to hang onto that job, day after day, week after week, and you don’t put yourself out there, you won’t find that really dope opportunity that will connect to you when you pound the pavement with action.

Don't get it twisted: this doesn’t mean rush into it.

No, absolutely do your due diligence, but don’t get stuck in the analysis part so much that you never make a move at all.

The world is waiting for you to step into your greatness. It’s time to stop playing small and settling. Let go. Trade up. Allow the seeds of purpose that God planted in your heart to bloom as they have always been meant to do.

Now it's your turn. Comment below and let me know what seeds are blooming in your life right now.

I’m cheering for you.

From the Front Row,