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Issa Rebrand

In 2014, I created the moniker “Yogi Tish” as a way to jumpstart my spiritual coaching business.

I did this because I needed an outlet to share all the things I was learning and my own musings on these teachings. Much in the way Beyoncé created her alter ego, “Sasha Fierce,” I created “Yogi Tish” to showcase and focus on a specific part of my being, the spiritual yogi making her way today’s world while learning ancient spiritual concepts.

As we venture into 2018, I realize that my spiritual life coaching business is evolving because I am evolving. My daughter, Lyric, has really shown me the importance of embracing all of me and owning my story. If I want her to embrace herself and own her story, I must model this first. Lyric will ultimately learn from my example, not my advice.

So I have decided to rebrand my business and go by the name that Mama Terry gave me. From now on, you’ll be dealing with the very fabulous LaTisha Cotto.

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