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My #1 Tip For Making Affirmations A Daily Part Of Your Life

Let’s face it: when you start your affirmations practice, you very quickly realize that you’ve got your work cut out for you. For every positive thought that you think on purpose such as, “I deserve to live a life I love,” you’ve literally got a gazillion negative ones, such as, “You’re not enough and you never will be,” screaming at you.

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100 Signs That You Don't Love Yourself (Take the Quiz Right Now!)

Real talk: we go to great lengths to make ourselves “lovable.”

We lose 30 pounds, change our hair color, read self-help books, try to appear interesting and beautiful so that others will see our worth and love us.

We do this because we secretly believe that, if other people, especially our significant others, love us, then all of our issues will magically disappear.

After all, love is the reason we’re here, right? The truth: yes and no.

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I Love Me: Taking The Necessary Steps Back to Self-Love

A good friend of mine recently recounted to me the first time she accepted less than she deserved and started to believe the story of her unworthiness.

As a sixth grader (sixth grade!!! The mom in me shudders), she had fallen head over heels for a boy in her class. He was cute, charming, and, much to her surprise, into her. “LaTisha, he was way out of my league and I couldn’t believe he was into me. I was tomboyish and chubby. He asked me out and I agreed. I was 11 years old. It was the most powerful, intoxicating feeling -- that young love feeling. So much so, that even as an adult I can close my eyes and still feel that feeling of hope, wanting, and love. I have never felt that way since.”

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What Are You Really Good At?

LaTisha’s Answer: I am really good at making people feel heard, understood, and loved. When I put 100% of my focus on the person in front of me, it’s like sunshine hitting a flower -- they open up and blossom right in front of me. I literally can get you entire life story in under five minutes flat, if I really wanted to.

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3 Things to Remember When Life Is Dragging You Down

Real talk -- January was pretty rough, Honey Bunny.

My “New Year, New Me” endeavor didn’t go as well as I had planned. I went to the gym five days straight and then my left knee said, “No más, LaTisha.” I’m talking barely can stand, hurts to walk pain that I’ve never had before. What did I feel?

  • Embarrassment -- Who goes to the gym and, in the first week, blows her knee out? Really?

  • Fear. -- Omg, am I gonna need surgery?

  • Beratement -- LaTisha, wtf is up with you? Get your crap together and let’s get going. We got stuff to do and we don’t have time for your laziness and your complaints. You don’t see the other new moms on IG having these issues. They look fabulous and so do their babies. (In all fairness, Lyric is so yummy that she could wear a baby potato sack and still look fabulous.)

Oh, and I’ve got this funky wrist thing going on, probably from being on my smartphone too much. Smartphone got me feelin' mad dumb right now. See what I did there?!?!

Not to mention the up and down journey that is breastfeeding. I’ll spare you the details.

All the while I keep asking myself, “Why have moms not taken to the street to riot?” This stuff is hard. Being present for my business, my body, and my daughter while trying to get ample sleep and eating healthy. I’m lucky if I remember to shower. Disgusting and true.

I often feel so very defeated. I have collapsed into tears more often than I’d like to admit.

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