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What You Need to Know About Self-Compassion

The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t know shit about life.

I’m serious.

Think about it: even if you are the most knowledgeable astrophysicist in the world, you only know a small fraction of all there is to know about astrophysics … and you probably know a lot.

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Your Five Minute Mile: Running The Race You Were Born to Run

I have a deck of Danielle LaPorte Truthbomb cards that I flip thru pretty much every day. These cards give me great comfort, inspiration, and hope that I am on the right path.

As per usual, today’s truthbomb card did not disappoint.

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What Triggers You

After many years of self-reflection, I know that I am deeply triggered when someone cuts me off during a discussion. It has happened to me many times that I’ll be having a difficult conversation with someone. The person expresses his or her opinion and, right when I am about to respond, he or she says to me, “I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to hear what you have to say.”

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What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?

Sheesh, this is a hard one, even for me (since I’m prone to think about things like this all the time).

How does one (especially a loquacious one) distill an entire lifetime of lessons into a concise thought? I had to look up the definition of legacy to really wrap my head around this question

Legacy: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

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Mama Terry, Thank You

To be honest, this spiel started out as a “how to” post entitled “How to Cultivate Faith, Patience, and Courage.”

The main idea was that in order to cultivate these virtues, you must be placed in situations where they can develop. That’s really the only way. I started to tell the story of how I studied abroad in college and how my Type A tendencies were challenged by the new culture I found myself in. However, while reliving those moments, my mind wandered down a different rabbit hole.

This is what came next --

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What Self-Limiting Thoughts Float Around in Your Mind?

I've said it before:I struggle with feeling worthy of owning a business and allowing my business to be really successful. It is complicated because, at the same time, I know, deep down inside, that I have everything I need to be successful and that I can really do it.

How is it possible that these two opposite beliefs exist in the same space?

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How To Regain Control of Yourself in An Argument

I could feel the anger taking over my body. 

It was like a furnace, once you turned it on, it was ready to burn. My face felt flushed and my fists balled up reactively, ready to strike at any moment. It took me a minute to find my voice, but once I did, molten lava spewed out, burning all caught in the crossfire. I felt like Black Mamba in Kill Bill when she went apeshit.

And then it happened.

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What Are You Really Good At?

LaTisha’s Answer: I am really good at making people feel heard, understood, and loved. When I put 100% of my focus on the person in front of me, it’s like sunshine hitting a flower -- they open up and blossom right in front of me. I literally can get you entire life story in under five minutes flat, if I really wanted to.

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Tell Me About a Time It All Worked In Your Favor

LaTisha’s Answer: When it comes to my career, everything has been an act of God. Nothing that I ever tried to make happen on my own ever popped off. It was only when I surrendered the issue to God and kept believing that He’d come thru for me did it happen.

On Monday, I told ya’ll about the story of how I got my start in music. I ended up working for Sergio for about three years. About a year into it, the company was purchased by Univision Music Group. Two years later, Univision Music Group was purchased by Universal Music. It was a very uncertain time for all of us because we didn’t know if we would have a job or not.

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The #1 Myth You Believe That Impacts Your Company's Bottom Line

Taking care of ourselves intuitively makes sense. If you don’t eat healthy, exercise, or get enough sleep, you’ll more than likely get sick and/or feel like crap. It’s a pretty simple concept to grasp. However, simple does not necessarily mean easy. In fact, self-care is downright difficult, especially when it asks us to change our #1 widely held belief --

"I don't have time."

What if I told you that the best thing you can do for your company's bottom line is to take care of yourself?

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What is One Thing You Learned From Your Failures?

LaTisha's Answer: I learned that, no matter how bad it gets, I can rebuild my life.

In 2010, my life fell apart badly. I mean, crash and burn, "Could this get any worse? Yes it absolutely can" badly. I was depressed and my bank account had negative dollars. My career, my relationship, my finances, my housing situation -- all down the drain.

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What Were You Interested In As a Child?

LaTisha's Answer: Music and teaching.

My favorite cartoon was Jem and I loved Kids' Incorporated. As a child, I made my own mixtapes and stayed glued to the radio to catch all my favorite jams. I loved to sit on my swing set in the backyard and make up my own songs. During the summertime, I’d stay up all night and watch music videos on MTV, VH1, CMT, and BET. One of my favorite movies was a cheesy movie named Salsa starring Robby Rosa. I loved that movie and it was terrible. Terrible, I tell you. You couldn’t tell me nothing about it, though.  

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