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What You Need to Know About Self-Compassion

The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t know shit about life.

I’m serious.

Think about it: even if you are the most knowledgeable astrophysicist in the world, you only know a small fraction of all there is to know about astrophysics … and you probably know a lot.

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Your Five Minute Mile: Running The Race You Were Born to Run

I have a deck of Danielle LaPorte Truthbomb cards that I flip thru pretty much every day. These cards give me great comfort, inspiration, and hope that I am on the right path.

As per usual, today’s truthbomb card did not disappoint.

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The Three Best Kept Secrets of Your Professional Path (Trust me, It's Not What You Think)

Picture it. Senior year at Agnes Scott College.

Graduation was looming on the horizon. I had no job offers and was getting anxious at the thought of returning to my hometown as a failure. I really wanted to be in the music business, but had yet to land any type of offer. I was still interning at the Atlanta Chapter of The Recording Academy, which gave me hope. Yet, as the days passed, I could feel myself getting more and more discouraged.

In an effort to make something happen, I contacted my Women in Communications mentor, who worked at The Weather Channel, and she got me an interview for an entry level position. I can’t remember the exact job description. However, I do know it had something to do with the commercials that ran during program breaks. I met with the supervisor of that department and I really tried to be enthusiastic -- about the position, the company, my experience (as limited as it was), and the dedication I was bringing to the table. She asked me about the internships I had done so far -- one at Odyssey Entertainment, one at Paste Magazine, one at The Recording Academy -- all music related. I talked about projects I worked on, how committed I was to delivering good work, how excited I was about the future.

“Wow. That’s great. It sounds like you’re really passionate about music. Why don’t you just continue to work in music?”

I can imagine the look on my face as my jaw dropped. It was obvious to everyone in the interview that day that what made me tick was music.

I can’t even remember what my response was. It was a clumsy mumble. Needless to say, I didn’t get that job. It was the only job interview I had during my Senior year in college.

I did not secure a job before I graduated from college. 

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