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The Year My Life Changed Forever

Where in the world has Yogi Tish been? It’s as if she completely dropped off the planet.

Well, let me tell you, ladies and gents, my world has completely changed.

If you’ve taken my 30 Days of MiracleMessages, you’ll know that I totally was manifesting a baby in my mind. When I turned 30, I decided that I really wanted to experience motherhood. Up until then, I had always been on the fence, but, honey bunny, my biological clock started ticking so loud I thought I was in the middle of a drum circle. There I was -- 30 years old. No baby and no man to have a baby with. I kept trucking. I did many great things -- got my MBA from Rice, worked in Finance, became a yoga teacher and life coach, quit my Finance gig, started life coaching full time. All good things. Yet I was secretly empty and really down -- I started telling myself that I’d never be a mother. It wasn’t for me and it wouldn’t happen. I mean, why would the Universe bless me with more when my life was pretty damn great to begin with?

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