In What Area of Your Life is the Conundrum of Change Affecting you?

Right now, I feel really stuck when it comes to my health.

I am not eating as healthy as I would like to and I’m not exercising the way I used to in my pre-baby days. The excuse I’ve been using is that I don’t want to stress myself out with so many irons in the fire. I want to be an amazing mami and an entrepreneur. I reason that some things will fall by the wayside like housework and health. I also am letting Mommy Thumb keep me from breaking a sweat. It’s crazy because I know that when I exercise and eat right it actually makes me feel better. I have more energy to chase my daughter and more creativity to offer my clients.

I know this. I want this. Yet I don’t do it. This is the conundrum of change in full effect, Honey Bunny.

To avoid spiraling into self-loathing, let's now take this to the next level --

What small change can you make so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed?

I made the decision to do some sort of physical activity every single day (or every other day). It feels like it’s too much to head over to the gym, so I set up my iPad and do some fitness videos on YouTube. I know it’s nothing compared to my former days, but it’s a step in the right direction. Here are some videos that I have really been digging:

It takes me back to the days when I did a 30 Min Taebo workout every single day for two years in high school and first year in college. I feel very awkward, stiff, and foolish, but afterwards I feel great.

When it comes to breakfast, I have decided to start the day off with something healthy, even if I’m unable to get in the kitchen and cook for the rest of the day. I love Robyn Youkilis’ Power Parfait. It’s simple and I can make it the night before so that I can grab and go in the morning.

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and let me know what area of your life is being affected by the conundrum of change and one small step you can do now to make progress.

I’m cheering for you. Like there are five minutes left in your workout.

From the Front Row,