Monday Mantra: All is Well With My Soul


This week, let's tap into the power of our thoughts. What we think about we bring about.

Instead of thinking of the problem, affirm the solution.

Yes, we have challenges, obstacles, and things that are not working. However, instead of ruminating on the issue, let's believe wholeheartedly that the solution will come at the right time.

All is well.

Wayne Dyer always said that we should think from the end, meaning that instead of staying in a place of wanting, needing, willing things to happen, we should use the power of our imagination and place ourselves smack dab in the middle of our desired outcome. 

Keep in mind, things may not work out exactly as we envision. Most of the time, it won't. Let's trust that the universe is capable of wonder more magnificent than our greatest dream and will give us something even better.

Comment below and tell me about what it is that you're envisioning this week.

I wish you the knowing that everything will be alright because everything already is alright.


Yogi Tish

LaTisha Cottomantra