Actions > Dreaming

Dreams are important.

They are the match that lights the spark that starts a fire underneath us. However, there comes a time when we have to move from the dreaming part to the doing part. Too often we get stuck in the wishing, wanting, hoping that we procrastinate and prolong our stay in this zone.

If you find yourself afraid to jump in the pool, that's okay. Stick your foot in. Example: if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed at the thought of writing your first book, that's a-ok. Write the first chapter. Don't know how to begin? Write a chapter. Don't have that much juice? Write a paragraph. Hell, write a sentence. Each day add another sentence. I guarantee you that you'll have an entire book before you know it, if you stick with it. Inspiration loves to find someone hard at work. 

Comment below and let me know what dreams you have and if you're having a hard time moving into the action zone. 

I'm cheering for you. Like you're having the best dream ever.

From the Front Row,