10 Actions to Kickstart Your High Vibe New Year Rituals

The New Year is fasting approaching, HB!

I don’t know about you, but I am filled with excitement and hope for all of the things the New Year contains. Millions of people will start the New Year off with changes so that they can be their best selves. I think that a really powerful way of doing so is to establish rituals.

In his book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance, Jonathan Fields says that establishing rituals and routines helps to anchor us in uncertain times. When we incorporate rituals into our lives, we can infuse our day with life-affirming and positive actions that we want to turn into lifelong habits. It’s through the intention, commitment and consistent performance of these actions that we can show up powerfully each day and interact with life from our highest selves.

My best practice for establishing rituals in your life is to practice your rituals every single day for 40 days. If you miss a day, that’s okay. Just start over at Day One. Pretty soon, your rituals will be secondhand and you’ll do them easily and naturally every day.

Here are some of my favorite things to do morning, evening and throughout the day:

4 Ways to Kickstart Your Morning Ritual.png

1) Start each morning with “Thank You,” a powerful ACIM prayer and Gabby Bernstein’s Image Making Meditation and Affirmations (10 minutes)

a) Before you get out of bed each morning, let the first conscious thought you have be “Thank you.” Thank you for another day, another breath, another opportunity to live your best life and to love with all your heart.

b) Recite this powerful ACIM prayer:

Where would You have me go? What would You have me do? What would You have me say, and to whom?
— Daily Prayer, A Course in Miracles

c) I love the image making meditation from Gabby Bernstein’s book, The Universe Has Your Back. This sets the tone for your day by getting you to think about what you actually WANT. You can visualize yourself having the best day ever. You can also visualize yourself getting married, finding your dream job, reaching your weight loss goal, or anything else you want to manifest in your life.

d) I am a huge advocate of affirmations because they allow you to consciously input life-affirming thoughts into your mind. When you recite affirmations, you talk about what you want to create and you talk about it as if you already had it. You can create your own high-vibe affirmations or you can download my list of 10 high vibe affirmations HERE.

2) Try oil pulling and write in your gratitude journal (20 minutes)

I’m going to be honest with you: the first time I tried oil pulling I almost threw up. I could not wrap my brain around swishing coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes. It was too much.

What is oil pulling? Oil pulling is basically swirling coconut oil (I really like Nutiva’s Coconut Oil) or sesame oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes. It is a practice used in Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine. Click HERE to read about six benefits of Ayurveda.  

The way I got around my aversion to oil pulling was to start small -- I tried oil pulling for one minute. I worked my way up to five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes and finally 20 minutes.

I also love gratitude journaling while I am oil pulling. I like to write down what I’m grateful for. The key is to get as specific as possible. So instead of saying, “I’m grateful for my daughter,” I write, “I am grateful for the opportunity to watch my daughter sleep. She looks so peaceful and her presence reminds me that anything is possible.” When you are specific, you tap into the high vibe energy of gratitude and it has the ability to change your whole vibe for the day.

When my 20 minutes are up, I dispose of the coconut oil in the trash (never the sink). I swirl around water and then follow-up with my normal brushing routine.

3) Move ya body, girl. (20 to 30 minutes)

Anyone remember that Nina Sky song?

Whether it’s dancing, yoga, running, or pilates, get your body moving. This revs up your metabolism and gets you in mindset of success. I really love Kierra LaShae’s fitness videos -- they are super fun to do and she is so very encouraging. It doesn’t even really feel like working out. It feels like dancing with your best friends (which I love to do). I like to think high vibe thoughts and encourage myself with affirmations while I work out. As I move through a workout, I am reminded that I am doing something amazing for my health and that I am totally capable of being great.

4) Eat something healthy. (10 minutes)

I don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen, so I love whipping up something easy and fast. I’m a huge fan of Robyn Youkilis’ Power Parfait because I can prep these the night before and just grab and go. They are surprisingly filling and healthy. If you want to take it a step further, I highly recommend Robyn’s book, Thin From Within, where she offers a three day re-set.

2 Ways to Kickstart Your Daily Ritual.png

1) Meditate throughout the day (1 minute)

During your day, set your alarm for every four hours. When your alarm goes off, stop what you’re doing and do a one minute meditation:

Sit up nice and straight right where you are. Close your eyes and place your hands, palms facing down, on top of your legs. Get fascinated with your breath. Notice how it flows through your body. Whenever a thought comes into your mind, that’s okay. Simply bring your awareness back to your breath.

The one minute meditation is a great way to reset throughout your day, especially if you are prone to stress and negative thinking.

2) Read a book (10 minutes)

Whether you’re at work or in school, make time to read by designating a 10 minute period in your calendar. Give yourself the gift of reading -- it sparks your creativity, allows you to think deeply and to learn something new every single day. You don’t have to spend hours reading. Even 10-20 minutes a day is powerful. Check out the books I love HERE.

1) Use essential oils (1 minute)

I have a small water bottle filled with water and lavender. I spray this mixture on my bed and the curtains. Lyric loves the smell and so do I. I think it’s a great way to signal to your body that it’s time to start unwinding and getting ready for bed.

2)  Brain dump your to-do list (10 minutes)

One of the things that keeps me from falling to sleep is thinking about all the things I need to accomplish. I set my timer for 10 minutes and brain dump all of it onto a sheet of paper. That way, I know exactly what I need to do and I can work on it the next day. I find that it helps me to get rid of the anxious energy and focus

3) Get ready for bed. (5 minutes)

I know you’re thinking, “No shit, LaTisha.” You’d be surprised how many times I just fall asleep from exhaustion in my comfy yoga pants (#motherhood, anyone?).

Wash and moisturize your face. Floss, brush and gargle your mouthwash. Change into comfy pajamas. It sounds very simple, but the power in nighttime rituals is making them simple gestures that reflect your desire to relax and rest.

4) Listen to relaxing sounds (15 minutes)

YouTube has some powerful videos that you can use to relax, unwind and get ready for sleep. I really like this Abraham affirmation video. Solfeggio sounds are also really powerful because they help you vibrate at a higher level.   

This is especially helpful if you suffer from insomnia and overthinking.

Your rituals don’t have to be these grandiose actions of epic proportions. Even the most basic positive change can have a lasting effect on your life, if you will do it every single day with intention and love.

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and let me know what you are incorporating into your New Year rituals.

I’m cheering for you. Like you are anchoring into your greatness.


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