Love Your Money Masterclass

Love Your Money Masterclass


Date: November 11, 2019 at 6:00 PM CST

Location: Online

Your net worth is a direct reflection of your self-worth.

Money brings up so much baggage (fear, doubt, worry, myths, etc) that you literally can’t move forward in your life and your career because you’re so weighed down. It’s hard to breathe when you’re not sure how you’re gonna make ends meet each month.

I understand because I’ve been there myself.

In this 90 minute live masterclass, we’re going to review and bust through some major money myths that are keeping you stuck and small. I’m also going to share with you my abundance mindset journaling exercise, my money making affirmations and basic budgeting tips.

Together we’ll shine the light of loving kindness on your money fears and blocks. 

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