Angela Majors (Midlothian, TX)

Working with a Life Coach was a new experience for me. LaTisha Cotto was able to guide me through my new experience. Being able to have three days of the workshop with LaTisha and taking in all of her wisdom was refreshing. She was able to help me look past today and to look towards the future. I was able to speak freely without judgment and LaTisha made that possible. After completing the three day weekend, I was able to take away what I needed to work on to make me a better person. I was able to realize that sometimes I need to make time for myself and that I need to love me more. LaTisha is a great teacher and anyone who works with her will enjoy every minute. 


Zhe Wang (Houston, TX)

The three day workshop is both short and long. LaTisha Cotto created such a lovely, open, and safe environment for the group to share and get connected with each other. With the delicious food, random dancing requests, relaxing yoga section, and organized discussion, I didn't feel the time and only dipped myself thoroughly into this workshop. On the other hand, the workshop feels long. LaTisha led us to re-recognize and discover ourselves, the ones deep inside. She encouraged us to dig deeper and deeper. The more we dig, the more we got touched. I found desire is so beautiful within a woman. It's the sunshine lighting my life and giving me courage all the time. I would recommend you to sit down with LaTisha and enjoy the trip of self-discovering and loving.  


Bevin Morgan (Lexington, KY)

I was blown away by what I was able to achieve in just three short days with LaTisha. Having a deeper understanding of what I want from life has already given me a clear basis from which to make future decisions. There are so many things in my life that I have that I'm excited to dial up or dial down based on the core desires of my heart that I discovered through this weekend. LaTisha is a warm, inviting, engaging woman with wisdom a thoughts and years beyond her years. Her insights stop you in your tracks. Her words are authentic and come with zero judgment. She created an open, light and serene space in which all of us in the workshop were given the room to tap into our truest selves. I would HIGHLY recommend this workshop with LaTisha to anyone who is ready to discover their own inner wisdom and tap into the desires of their heart. 


Candice Davis (Los Angeles, CA)

LaTisha's workshop helped me pinpoint the desires that have been strong motivators for decisions I have made in my life. I found the experience invaluable and I am grateful to have had LaTisha guide me through the process. As a more introverted person who has not set roots, the camaraderie that she helped foster was something I rarely get to experience and deeply cherish. LaTisha created an open, fun, and safe space for us to be vulnerable and express ourselves without judgment. She guides us to ask questions and identify emotions that often exist in ambiguity. I highly recommend this workshop. 

Dear LaTisha,

I am from Germany and I’ve come across your page by accident - or maybe, there are no accidents … I just wanted to let you know that reading one article led to the next and I really got hooked.

You have a wonderful style of writing which made me smile every now and then, and touched me at the same time.

So this is just to let you know … keep up the good work and you made a small but significant change to my day.
— Judith from Germany