“have a nice life.”

Girl, it’s time to say, “Bye, Felicia” to this dirty habit of yours. No more sending bae that “Thank U, next” text when he doesn’t immediately respond.

It’s time

for you to show up as your most authentic self, so that you can reignite the spark that made you and your honey fall in love in the first place.

I know what you’re thinking.

Sounds too good to be true, huh?

But, trust me -- it’s possible. I’ve seen my clients break through to the other side of discord, disagreement and obstacles to a fulfilling relationship that encourages and uplifts them. I’ve witnessed the miracles that occur when you are willing to show up, do the work and surrender your love to God. I truly believe that


I’ll share more in a second — but first, I want to get an idea of where you’re at right now.

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Do you ever feel …


You are doing everything you can to make your relationship work. You try to be proactive and communicate with your partner and you’re met with total disconnect. Are ya’ll even in the same relationship? You feel like you’re drowning and he doesn’t even blink an eye. When you express yourself, he has no clue what you’re talking about and you constantly have to break it down for him. You just want to share your life with him and he’s making it so friggin’ hard. UGHHHHH

You are exhausted from jumping to conclusions and having to fill in the blanks because he doesn’t communicate with you. It makes you crazy and brings out your micromanagement tendencies.


You can’t help but think about how great it was when ya’ll first started dating. You both just couldn’t wait to see each other. You laughed, had date nights and got it on Marvin Gaye style on the regular. Now you feel like you have to beg to get a GM or WYD text message. You’ve started second guessing yourself and you’ve even wondered if you should fall back on your back-up plan since the flame has gone out on this love that once shined so brightly.

You are annoyed by his antics and then you get sad for judging him, which makes you feel even worse. You are super hard on him and even harder on yourself.


You work yourself into a frenzy over a million different scenarios:

· Has he lost interest? Is he seeing someone else? Does he think I’m too needy? OMG, I’m too needy. I’m trying not to be needy, but the truth is I need to know and I need to know right now.

· Am I wasting my time on this relationship? Because if he ain’t gonna put a ring on it, then what are we doing here? I ain’t gettin’ any younger and I don’t want to start over. Dating blows. Most of the time, the juice ain’t worth the squeeze. All the effort of getting dolled up, putting my best face forward and for what? Mixed messages, no callbacks. No, I better stick with bae. Why does he have to make it so difficult? Will I end up alone?

· OMG, is he going to embarrass me at Christmas dinner? I love him, but he has a way of sticking his foot all the way into his mouth in front of my family. I’m so scared that my best friends won’t like him, so I try to keep them apart as much as possible. I can’t talk to anyone about this because it feels disloyal. What do I do?

I totally understand because I’ve been there myself.

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Reignite: Rekindling Your Best Relationships Now

Guess what, though?




· How great would it be to feel completely confident and secure in your relationship?

· How fantastic would it feel to trust that your inner guidance will show you what to do?

· How magical would it feel to let go of the fear, worry and doubt that currently stresses both you and your partner out?

· How amazing would it be to show up in your relationship as the most loving, authentic version of yourself?

· How awesome would it feel to let go of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that make you feel insecure, resentful, depressed and gloomy?

· How freeing would it be to stop focusing on everything that is going wrong and to relish what is going right?

· How dope would it be to set healthy boundaries and have them honored by your honey?


All of this sounds great … but how do you get there?  

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When I work one-on-one with

my gorgeous coaching clients, we usually focus on three main areas :


During this phase of the process, we examine (with loving kindness, of course) the dynamic of their relationship. I will ask my client a gazillion questions to gain an understanding of the inner workings of their relationship.


During this phase of the process, I encourage my clients to own their behavior and acknowledge how their thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and behaviors contribute to the current state of their relationship.


During this phase of the process, I work with my clients and empower them with exercises from my spiritual toolkit. These exercises help them to implement a new way of being in their relationship.

That’s nice. what does this mean for you?

How can you get access to this life changing wisdom and spiritual toolkit for your own relationship?


I got you covered.

I’d like to introduce you to

Reignite: Rekindling Your Best Relationships Now

will empower you with the knowledge, tools, tips, perspective and self-reflection exercises that will teach you how to show up authentically in your romantic relationship as the highest version of yourself (because that is exactly what both you and your partner deserve).

By the end of this course, you will:

· understand the dynamic of your relationship, how you contribute to this dynamic and how to intentionally set the tone in your relationship, moving forward

· bust through the mainstream myth of the “perfect soulmate” that completes you and makes everything better (You know the one I’m talking about — “Oh, if I’m in a relationship with my soulmate and we get married, everything will fall into place and be perfect.”)

· get real about the role you’ve been playing in your relationship and your expectations about how your relationship should be

· be familiar with all the elements of your spiritual toolkit and how you can use those elements to navigate the often choppy waters of your relationship

· surrender your relationship to God wholeheartedly and pray for the highest good of your love every single day of your life

· learn how to incorporate feedback that you receive from your partner and your loved ones about your relationship (or whether or not you want to)

· explore all of the ways you are placing conditions on the love you give to your partner

· have an action plan for cultivating your own version of a “Goldie & Kirk” kinda love


Angela from midlothian, tx

Working with a Life Coach was a new experience for me. LaTisha Cotto was able to guide me through my new experience. Being able to have three days of the workshop with LaTisha and taking in all of her wisdom was refreshing. She was able to help me look past today and to look towards the future.

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Are You Ready?

Here’s how it works:


28 downloadable modules

Reignite: Rekindling Your Best Relationships Now includes 28 downloadable audio modules that you can listen to just about anywhere: during your daily commute, on your lunch break, or in the privacy of your own home.

28 Self-reflection exercises

Each module includes a self-reflection exercise, where you apply the module to your life. I suggest writing down your answers in your own handwriting, so that you can see, hear and feel what your heart needs to say to you.

spiritual toolkit

I will also include 14 of my essential practices out of my own spiritual toolkit for you to implement. In order to really feel the power of these practices, I recommend that you try them out consistently for 40 days, so that they become a way of life for you. You will probably notice the difference immediately.


Jane from Houston, TX

I found desire is so beautiful within a woman. It's the sunshine lighting my life and giving me courage all the time. I would recommend you to sit down with LaTisha and enjoy the trip of self-discovering and loving.  

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Check Out the Reignite Curriculum

+ Module 1: Why Are You Taking This Course?

In this module, we get really clear on why you decided to take this course, what you want to get out of it and why your relationship is important to you.

+ Module 2: How Your Self-Love Impacts Your Relationship

In this module, we talk all about how your relationship is a reflection of the way you feel (or don’t feel) about yourself and why self-love is important in your relationship.

+ Module 3: What Is A Soulmate, Really?

In this module, we talk about the concept of a soulmate and how your partner fits into your spiritual growth and personal journey.

+ Module 4: What is Your Role in a Relationship?

In this module, we get real about the role you’ve been playing in your relationship and your beliefs about what your role “should” be.

+ Module 5: A Deep Dive Inside Your Spiritual Toolkit

In this module, I’m going to break down your WACOCOF, the acronym for your spiritual toolkit. Your spiritual tool kit is going to get you through the good, the bad, the ugly.

+ Module 6: What’s Running the Show in Your Mind?

In this module, we will get really clear on what has been running the show in your mind. Are you being hi-jacked by beliefs that you aren’t even aware of?

+ Module 7: Honoring Your Inner Guidance

In this module, I break down why it’s important to stay connected to your inner guidance and how that connection will help you navigate the often turbulent waters of your relationship and help you to make any decision you face.

+ Module 8: Surrendering Your Relationship to God

In this module, I break down the concept of surrender and how that really doesn’t mean throwing in the towel, especially in your relationship.

+ Module 9: Owning Your Behavior

In this module, we are cleaning up our side of the street. We are examining (with compassion, of course) our own attitudes and actions. Oftentimes, we put our focus solely on what our partner is or isn’t doing. Not today, boo! It’s all about you.

+ Module 10: Don’t Take Things Personally

In this module, we talk about how when it’s just one of ‘dem days you gotta heed Monica’s advice and not take it personal.

+ Module 11: Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want to Be Happy?

In this module, we talk all about our tendency to act like we are captain of the Junior High debate team when disagreement arises in our relationship and how we can overcome that.

+ Module 12: All About Expectations

In this module, we get clear on our expectations so that we can understand how they are impacting our relationship.

+ Module 13: Outside the Circle of Trust

In this module, we talk all about to digest feedback (solicited or not) that we receive from our loved ones about our relationship.

+ Module 14: What’s Your Love Language

In this module, we break down the importance of knowing your love language and that of your partner’s so you can get to communicating and expressing.

+ Module 15: The Art of Setting Boundaries

In this module, we talk all about why it’s important to set boundaries and how to honor your partner’s.

+ Module 16: This Used To Be My Playground

In this module, we talk about how our childhood experiences impact our beliefs and behaviors in the relationship we now have.

+ Module 17: Every Person Is An Island

In this module, we talk about how every person is an island and how we all see the exact same things very differently.

+ Module 18: Changing Behaviors

In this module, we break down how the most powerful change is always an inside job.

Module 19: Conditional Love

In this module, we talk about the concept of conditional love and we explore the places in our lives where we may be loving conditionally.

+ Module 20: All About Energy

In this module, we talk all about how your energy impacts your relationship and how you can impact your energy.

+ Module 21: The Highest Version of Yourself

In this module, we talk about how both you and your partner deserve the highest version of yourself. Oh, we also talk about what “the highest version of yourself” even means.

+ Module 22: Show Me the Money

In this module, we talk about how personal finance impacts even the most beautiful relationship.

+ Module 23: Sex & Intimacy

In this module, we break down the concept of intimacy and how sex fits into our relationship.

+ Module 24: Communication is a Two-Way Street

In this module, we cover best practices for communication (which is both speaking AND listening).

+ Module 25: Find the Gold in Your Relationship

In this module, we cover why it’s important to put on your gratitude goggles when you look at your partner.

+ Module 26: A Goldie & Kirk Kinda Love

In this module, we talk about how to extend the honeymoon phase for the entire relationship.

+ Module 26: A Goldie & Kirk Kinda Love

In this module, we talk about how to extend the honeymoon phase for the entire relationship.

+ Module 27: How to Know When to Let a Relationship Go

In this module, we get real about how to tell when it’s time to call it quits.

+ Module 28: Where Do You Go From Here?

In this module, I provide you with powerful next steps so that you can continue on the path of your personal development and relationship reignition.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi! I’m LaTisha.

I am a Master Life Coach + Motivational Speaker. I work with people from all over the world and many of them are struggling with their romantic relationships. They want their relationship to thrive, but are often experiencing the exact opposite. Their relationship is on the verge of collapse and they are at a point where they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it back on track.

Together, we do the deep inner work of understanding the dynamic of their relationships, how they contribute to that dynamic and how they can intentionally set the tone, moving forward.

I started to see a trend in what many of my clients were struggling with and I found myself giving some of the same advice, perspective and exercises. I decided to take the spiritual truths and spiritual toolbox I was sharing with my clients and turn it into an affordable, digestible mini-course for you.

I believe that our relationships play a key part in whether or not we experience heaven or hell on earth and I want to help you shine the light of your loving awareness onto your relationship so that you can feel, heal, forgive and reignite.

It is an honor and delight to support you as you create the life of your dreams and reignite the love of your life. I pray that miracles pour into your relationship and that you always know how precious you truly are.

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I believe in this course and I believe in you.

I’m confident that you will love it and that you will learn a lot. I am offering this low price because I believe that, once you experience this course, you will rekindle your precious love. However, I understand that you may want reassurance that your investment is a good one.

That’s why I’m offering a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee.

By Day 14, you should be halfway thru the course and you’ll have gleaned so much knowledge and self-reflection. You’ll also have had a chance to use my spiritual toolkit. However, if you are not satisfied, you can send me an e-mail at info@latishacotto.com, show me that you’ve put in the work and I will give you your money back.

I’m so grateful for you being with me on this journey, Tish.
— Gigi from West Virginia
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why should I purchase this course?

Great question. When we are born, we don't receive an all-encompassing manual that shows us how to handle everything that will come our way, especially our relationships. I am a huge advocate of being an eternal student, especially when it comes to things that matter to us (like our relationship). I believe that our relationships play a key part in whether or not we experience heaven or hell on earth and I believe this course will help you change the way you navigate your relationship.

+ How much time will it take?

That depends on you. If you do one module a day (which is what I recommend), you'll go thru this course in one month. The first time you do this course, I recommend that you do it in chronological order. I've designed this course to be highly accessible to fit your busy lifestyle.

+ Is this a course for me and my partner to take together?

I have structured this course to be an individual experience because there is a lot of self-reflection on your life and the beliefs/behaviors that are impacting your relationship. It could possibly be beneficial for each of you to take the course individually and then use it as a way to start dialogue.

+ Will this work?

I don't believe there is a "get rich quick, cross the finish line fast" method when it comes to our spiritual growth, personal journey and our relationships. It takes time, consistency and dedication. While I cannot guarantee you results and the life of your dreams, I will say that if you listen to all the modules, do the self-reflection exercises to the best of your ability and give it your all, you will see noticeable changes in your life and your relationship.

+ Why should I invest in Reignite?

I've been praying to God to show me how I can truly serve people. Every day I receive e-mails from people all over the world and they say, "LaTisha, I love your blog. I wish I could work with you, but I can't afford to work with you one-on-one right now." I completely understand.

I started to see a trend in what many of my clients were struggling with and I found myself giving some of the same advice, perspective and exercises.

I decided to take the spiritual truths and spiritual toolbox I was sharing with my clients and turn it into an affordable, digestible mini-course for you. A course like this easily goes for $400 or more, but I am offering it at $40 because I want to serve you, no matter how much money you have in the bank. I truly believe in this program and I want as many people to have access to it as possible.

It is my sincerest desire to help you create the life of your dreams and I know that this life also includes a love that lights you up. I'm so very honored to be a part of your journey and encourage you to sign up today.

+ What if I have more questions?

Please send me an e-mail at info@latishacotto.com and I will get back to you ASAP. I do plan on updating this section frequently with inquiries I receive. I can't wait to hear from you.

You’ve got two choices:

· FIGURE IT OUT BY YOURSELF I don’t recommend this course of action because you will get the EXACT same results that you’re having now: frustration, misunderstandings, loneliness and despair.


· INVEST IN THIS COURSE — It’s time to invest in yourself and in your relationship, so that you can experience eye-opening, expansive encouraging, empowering transformation filled with infinite possibilities.

I pray that you’ll make this investment because you are so very deserving of a life and a love that lights you up every single day.

It would be an honor and delight to support you in creating that for yourself.

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