Red Carpet Collective with LaTisha Cotto

You deserve breathtaking love and it always begins with you.

The mission of the Red Carpet Collective is to empower you with the training, tools and know-how you need so that you can love yourself into the life of your dreams.

 I remember the first time I walked the red carpet.

(Okay, granted I was accompanying my artists at the time, so it totally was NOT about me.)

It was 2006 at Premio Lo Nuestro in Miami, Florida. I was wearing a brown silky dress I got from Express. My co-worker, Marlene, and I got our hair done at a Dominican salon not too far from the office. I remember my former boss said that I looked beautiful like Salma Hayek.

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This was way before babies and bad haircuts.

Let me tell you something about the red carpet: it’s electrifying. There’s so much hustle and bustle, cameras flashing, stars everywhere. You feel important, like you know some big secret that sets you apart from the rest of the world.

I wasn’t even the featured artist but, with one step onto that carpet, all of a sudden I felt seen, heard and friggin’ beautiful. I even had some reporters try to interview me. It was intoxicating and something that will stay with me forever.

I realize how fortunate I am. Not many people get to experience the red carpet in their lifetime.

It’s time for your red carpet life.

In April of 2019, God placed a dream in my heart: launch a membership program to serve my readers, clients and online students.

As I was thinking about what to name this program, I thought about how I want you to feel.

It hit me.

I want you to feel like you’re on the red carpet.

All eyes on you. You are confident in your skin, luminous inside and out. Everyone is asking you who you’re wearing. Perhaps it’s an elegant Oscar De La Renta or some vintage Versace. You’re covered in Lorraine Schwartz jewels and Pat McGrath did your make-up.

Your presence on the red carpet inspires Drake to record a whole new album and Beyoncé suggests that ya’ll should grab lunch next week.

I mean, c’mon. You know that the red carpet is what really makes the award shows nowadays. The fashion. The glamour. The beauty. The excitement.

Get this, though:

Did you know that every single day the Divine looks at you like you are stuntin’ on the red carpet? Even as you rock your messy topknot with sweatpants?

That’s what the Red Carpet Collective with LaTisha Cotto is all about:

Helping you see yourself the way God sees you so that you can let go of the thoughts, beliefs, situations and people that try to convince you otherwise.

It sounds simple in theory, but what do I always say? Simple does not mean easy.

That’s why I’m starting this membership program. So that you can unlearn all that yuckiness that trips you up and so that you can feel 100% supported along the way (by me and the RCC).

While I cannot solve your problems for you, I truly believe that the answer you seek lies within and you are capable of creating the life of your dreams.

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The red carpet collective at a glance

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you join:

monthly bundles

Every month you’ll receive a brand new bundle filled with lessons, self-reflection exercises and much more. These step-by-step trainings will jam on everything from self-love to abundance mindset to career development. You’ll also get instant access to my entire training library when you join. We’ll jam in the Comments section that’s not available to the general public. After all, you’re VIP, HB.

access to online courses

You’ll receive instant access to my online courses, Reignite: Rekindling Your Best Relationships Now and Yes, I Am: Affirming Your Way Into the Life of Your Dreams. I’m currently working on new online courses to release to the general public and you’ll have access to those as well.

my spiritual toolkit

In my opinion, this is what sets me apart from other Life Coaches out there. I am obsessed with the HOW of self-love. I can sit here and spout theory until I’m blue in the face, but if it doesn’t give you actionables to implement in your life, why waste both of our time? Every month I’ll be adding to my spiritual toolkit — journaling exercises, meditations, visualizations, affirmations, checklists, masterclasses. The sky is the limit and it’s all about you taking action.

ONE live monthly coaching call

The beauty of the RCC is that you get access to your very own Master Life Coach at a fraction of the investment of 1:1 coaching ($100/hr). Every month I’ll be hosting one 60 minute private coaching call. You can submit questions to me beforehand (if you’re shy) or live during the call. Whether it’s questions about a particular online course or bundle, you have access to my skill set, experiences and intuition.


Whether you’re a wallflower or social butterfly, you will benefit from our ultra exclusive RCC community. You can 100% be yourself, ask questions (no matter how big or small) and be accepted for WHO YOU ARE. Inclusivity is a big deal to me. I ain’t with bullying or belittling and neither are my HBs. This is your place to examine, explore and experiment.

Exclusive offer for the HBIC:

Become a Beta Babe and help take the RCC to the next level.

Use the code BBHBIC to save 33% right now.

What People Are Saying About LaTisha



LaTisha is a warm, inviting, engaging woman with wisdom a thoughts and years beyond her years. Her insights stop you in your tracks. Her words are authentic and come with zero judgment. — Bevin M.

Highly recommend

LaTisha is such a light in this world and you can feel the genuine love and care. I always feel refreshed and motivated after listening to her amazing insight and wisdom. She is my dream coach.—Dani L.


take NOTES

I have been working with LaTisha 1:1 for a few months and I have to tell you that she is the real deal. — Gina L.

The uplifting, down to earth life coach

LaTisha is full of wonderful, confidence building advice and positive, heartfelt affirmations. She is able to connect with her readers and followers in a gentle, humanistic way. I am so excited for this new avenue she brings to her life coaching repertoire. Give her a try. You will not be disappointed. — Maureen R.

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 I see you, HB.

I know that you struggle with perfectionism, people pleasing and putting yourself down. I know that you second guess yourself and wonder if you’re screwing up this “adulting” thing.

I also know that brilliance, worthiness and resilience are encoded in your DNA. After all, you are a child of God.

Here’s the deal: the red carpet is just a metaphor for your radiance.

It has nothing to do with walking an actual red carpet. I promise you: I will not make you walk a red carpet (unless the spirit moves you).

It’s more about the way you show up in your life:

  • trading in people pleasing for healthy boundaries (You’ve already been in five weddings in the past two years. You don’t have to be in another one. It’s okay to say NO.)

  • being scared and doing it anyway (You stop letting the illusion of “perfection” stop you from even trying. You ask that dude out for coffee. Learn horseback riding. Go back to school.)

  • cultivating confidence and self-compassion (You turn DOWN the volume on that inner bitchy voice that blasts your fears 24/7 and turn UP the volume on your inner guidance, that internal GPS that God has gifted only you with)

  • nourishing yourself with down time and things that you love doing (no more feeling guilty or selfish for lounging on the couch to catch up on Real Housewives, getting those Senegalese twists or working on that romance novel. If it fills your cup, do more of it.)

  • making peace with your past so that it doesn’t ruin your present (You start assigning a new meaning to your past. That break-up connected you to God. That failure set you on a new path. That sickness showed you the strength of your body. Yes, you fell down 7 times. But you got back up 8.)

You’ll fall in love with yourself, perhaps even for the first time. You’ll look in the mirror and bless the beauty you see looking back at you. You’ll realize that your body is a miracle that God has gifted you (it does its best to please you, even when you dissect, critique and loathe it). You’ll claim your right to take up space.

You’ll live your red carpet life. There’s nothing more glamorous than a woman who starts saying YES to herself.

You are the greatest love story you’ll ever know.

Please join me.

I’m in, LaTisha. What do I do next?

first off, yassss, queen

Step 1. Repeat after me:

Beyoncé I Slay Gif

Step 2. Think about your answers to the following questions (because you’ll be asked before you officially enroll):

  • What's the 1 thing you most want help with in your life right now? What 1 'secret' do you want to discover that would seriously help you love yourself? 

  • Is there anything in particular you'd like me to share with you about my self-love journey? 

  • What's the #1 thing you would want to get out of the RCC?

Step 3. Enroll right now.

Exclusive offer for the HBIC:

Become a Beta Babe and help take the RCC to the next level.

Use the code BBHBIC to save 33% right now.

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