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Episode Six: Spread Your Wings and Prepare to Fly

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about why it’s sometimes necessary to undergo a complete metamorphosis in our lives and how that ushers in a fresh, new line in the tapestry of our lives. I’m gonna share with you the story of my own personal metamorphosis. My life completely fell apart and I had to rebuild myself into LaTisha Cotto 2.0.

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Episode Five: 10 Actions to Kickstart Your High Vibe New Year Rituals

In today’s episode, I’m gonna be giving you ideas about how to kickstart your morning, daytime and evening rituals in the New Year. The New Year is the perfect time to start infusing life affirming, positive habits into your daily activities and I’ve got some pretty amazing actionables for you today. See more at

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Episode Three: 5 Steps to Surviving the Holiday Season With Your Loved Ones

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about how the holiday season can actually be a tough time for those of us who spend time with our dysfunctional families. God love ‘em and bless ‘em. I am going to share with you my five steps for dealing with the crazy so that you don’t get crazy this Christmas. Don’t forget to visit for more goodness.

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