Episode 43: The Goddess in Me

FTFRWLC Episode 43_ The Goddess in Me.png

Duration: 00:57:39

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing The Lingerie Addict herself, Cora Harrington. We’re jamming on intimate apparel, entrepreneurship and inclusivity for all.

Honorable Mentions in Today’s Episode

The Red Carpet Collective (Enjoy one month on me using the code FTFRWLC at check-out. I can’t wait to see you on the red carpet.)

Red Carpet Ready in Five Days

The Lingerie Addict

Now it’s your turn. Cora and I want to hear from you. Drop a comment below with your greatest takeaway. I read all of your comments and appreciate the time you take to show FTFRWLC some love.

I’m cheering for you. Like you’re taking back what intimate apparel means to you.