Episode 37: Burdens Down At Your Feet

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In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you why it’s important to shift away from using the word “my.”

If you’re a member of the Honey Bunny Inner Circle (which you should be if you’re not btw), you’ve probably seen me mention “It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully From Divine Abundance.” This is literally a book that heaven sent my way because I saw a random post about it on from somebody I am connected to on Facebook. I downloaded a sample and within the first page or so, I knew I had to read it. I love this book so much that I’ll probably be referencing it just as much as I do Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life.” You know how much I looooooove that Louise Hay book. 

In the book, one of the things that Tosha recommends is being open to the idea of releasing the concept of doership. I know you’re familiar with doership. Doership is a major part of my MO. It’s the striving, pushing, making ish happen, but not in a good, productive way. Like the time I decided that I was going to push my way thru getting back into shape after just having had a baby and ended up injuring my knee. Set me back an entire month. 

No bueno.

Here’s a really simple way to start doing this that Tosha offers up in the book. 

She says to stop using MY. 

Here’s what she writes:

Offering is the heart of this book.

It’s handing any burden—whether a desire, attachment, illness, finances, or anything—back to God. After all, it was Hers to begin with! In a way, doing so says, “This is persecuting me so much, I can no longer lean on my ego’s own strength. Please show me Your will.”

True offering takes what can be an unbearable cross and returns it to Love. It untangles you from the seemingly inescapable thicket of doership. One easy way to begin is simply by replacing MY with THE. We’re taught to think of my money, my body, my partner, my happiness, my failure. Even my awakening. In Western culture, the trance of my is king. 

But here’s the catch: If it all belongs to you (the ego), the burden is all yours as well.

With the simple substitution of THE, grasping softens, and offering begins.

Take, for example, “I’m worried right now about this business . . . and I’m thrilled to be offering all to Love for the right actions to be shown at the right time.”

This can be applied to anything. Sally had built an entire agonizing identity centered around her terrible rheumatoid arthritis, which is so easy to do. She was always saying, “my illness,” “my restrictions,” “my expenses about all this” with increasing anger and desperation. I suggested that since she had nothing to lose, she could offer the entire mess to the Divine and release the MY.

She began to say, “I give this illness fully to You. Please, please make me open and show me the right actions. And if there’s not currently a solution, please at least let me accept this for now and make clear what I need to learn.”

She immediately felt more spacious simply from dropping that MY. And over time, the process of offering, acceptance, and disentanglement brought healing she’d never imagined. She felt guided to return to an acupuncturist she’d seen many years before who used treatments, herbs, and diet. However, this time it all worked, perhaps because she’d finally released the grip of her ego’s identification with the problem. Although flare-ups still come, she’s much improved.
— Tosha Silver, It's Not Your Money

When I read this, I realized that I have been carrying the burden of MY around and it was making me crazy. My business, my daughter, my finances, my relationships.


And like Tosha said, “If it all belongs to you, the burden is all yours as well.”

Tremendo a-ha moment. I realized that I don’t need to carry all that baggage around and hurt my back like that (like Erykah Badu sings). I can lay all of my burdens down and trust that God is with me and that he’ll cover me with his feathers like it says in Psalm 91:4. 

So now I’ve been shifting away from MY to THE, especially when I pray. “God, please show me what to do with the business. Show me what you would like for me to do. I want to help people. God, I surrender the baby to you. I pray for her highest good and I trust that you are with her always.” 

It’s a very small change and it’s helped me to relieve a lot of anxiety. When I find myself shifting into MY, I stop myself and say, “Oh, no, no, no. That’s gotta go, go, go. Bye Bye Bye to My My My.” I know that sounds super silly, but oftentimes humor is what shifts us out of that negative energy. Whatever works to make it do what it do, boo.

HB, you are precious to God. Nothing in your life is too trivial for the Creator of the Universe. I know it’s hard and sometimes you feel so overwhelmed and you worry about how it’s all going to come together. I honor you for caring so much. You’ve got a big heart and big dreams and that is amazing


At the same time, I want to remind you that you don’t ever have to carry anything alone. Keep shifting your mindset from MY to THE or even to straight up saying, “God, this is yours.” because the reality is that it is God’s. Honestly, I’d rather have God handle it then have me to do it.

Now don’t get it twisted. This doesn’t mean that I’m shooting the ish all day everyday. Nope. I’m taking consistent action, doing what I can with what I have right now AND instead of working myself into a sleepless frenzy about everything under the sun, I am trying on a new attitude. “This isn’t mine. It’s God’s. Let God be God.” 

And that’s what I want to tell you. Let God be God. You don’t have to play that role. Hand all of your burdens over to him and try on faith instead of fear. Honestly faith means reminding yourself over and over again a gazillion times a day that you are loved, you are safe, you are valuable and you are God’s.

I bless you, HB. I bless your dreams, your relationships, your endeavors. I bless you in the moments you feel lonely and the moments where you only believe the worst about yourself. You are so much more than your thoughts and you are bigger than any obstacle you face. I believe that for you and hold that space for you as you learn to believe it for yourself. 

There you have it. A short and sweet episode for you today. Be blessed today and always.

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment on the blogcast page for today’s episode and let me know your greatest takeaway from today’s episode. Specificity is your best friend. You never know who you may inspire with your story. 

I’m cheering for you. Like you’re casting all your cares on God.