Episode 36: Right Here Waiting For You

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In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on divine timing.

Today I’m going to share with you what occurred to me during a coaching call with one of my beautiful clients. We were talking about all things career related: busy work v. productive work, navigating challenges, getting to the next level of her career.

One of the things I love about my 1:1 coaching calls (I call them jam sessions) is that I end each session with a blessing. It’s my way of sending my clients off into the world, empowered and standing in their own power and worthiness.

As I was blessing my client, I shared with her the story of Lyric and the washer. Lyric just turned two last month and we are full throttle with her terrific talkative two’s. I won’t say terrible because she could never be that. It’s an interesting time for us: her vocabulary has expanded overnight. Sometimes she says stuff and I’m just in awe of how smart she is. 

One thing she is learning is how to advocate for her needs and wants. I’m thrilled about it. I want her to always stand up for herself. Be kind, but take no shit, baby girl. Life can be unkind and I feel better knowing that my little girl is strong and speaks her truth.

I’m not gon’ lie, though. 

It can be trying at times. Like the time I was loading clothes into the washer. She comes into the room and announces, “Mami, fruit.” First off, okay lil’ mama I see you with the language skills. Too stinkin’ cute. She promptly got impatient with me, so she spoke a little louder. “Mami, fruit.” 

“Okay, mijita. I’ll get you some fruit. Just let Mami load the washer and I’ll be right with you.”

“Okay, mami.” Two seconds later. “Mami, fruit” and then she proceeds to add “Now.” She proceeded to say “Mami, fruit now” until the fruit was in her hand. At the moment, the only concept of time she has is “now.” Anything else is like, “Okay, but what about now?”

I shared this story with my client because oftentimes we are that two year old. “God, I really want to be VP of Marketing. Now. I really want a new home now. I really want x, y, z. Now.” 

Guess what often happens? Nothing. Yup, that’s right. Nothing happens. You don’t get engaged. The promotion doesn’t happen. The song hasn’t charted. The deal on the house falls through.

It’s like speaking into a mic and saying, “Hey, is this thing on? I said I want this now. Pretty please with a cherry on top.” We visualize, affirm, meditate, chant, align our chakras.

We even decide to lend a hand to God. We apply for the job. We network. We drop mad hints to our honey. We blast our social media feeds with the new song. Anything to give the Universe momentum, right?

But it’s not happening according to our timeline and that just sucks. Big time no bueno. 

I want to remind you that just because you don’t perceive anything happening with your five senses (which, although they’re very sophisticated, pale in comparison to God’s power) doesn’t mean that God isn’t working. 

I love that Lao Tzu quote that says, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” No one ever micromanages a rose bush. They continue to give it the elements it needs to thrive and they wait patiently for it to bloom. The process is enjoyed and celebrated. 

What a gorgeous delight the day the first bud starts to open.

They say that God gives you three responses --  yes, no or not yet. When it’s not an immediate YES, it’s really easy to think that the answer is NO. The reality is that it could be NOT YET. 

That could be for a multiple number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

1. It’s time for you to learn that Divine Timing doesn’t have to be in alignment with your own timing.

There’s a Yiddish saying that says, “Man plans and God laughs.” This happens to me all the time. I feel like I give God some major belly laughs as I try to make ish happen. I have always had a love for planning and it was only when I worked in the music business that I learned to write those plans in pencil because ish was always going to change.

We’d get started on a new album and I’d create a production timeline. Okay, we’ll track the instrumentation over the course of five days. I’ll get a studio lockout. Then I’ll fly the group in from New York on the 22nd and they’ll stay at the Newport on Collins. They’re pros so they can knock out 10 songs flat in like a week or so. Then I’ll schedule mixing with this engineer and we’ll get it mastered in New York. I’ll see if Tom Coyne can do it. (Rest in peace, Tom Coyne. A fantastic mastering engineer. He was always so very nice to me and I always appreciated his genuine kindness). 

All of this elaborate planning and it never happened quite like I thought it would. My boss might decide to have a producer in Italy work on the pop version of the first single. Or to do the album in Puerto Rico. Or the artists would need a day off for vocal rest. So on and so forth.

I’d stress myself out and re-work the plan over and over again until it looked nothing like the original. I used to laugh and think to myself, “God is the ultimate music producer. At the end of the day, it’s not gonna go down how I think it should and the plan is going to change.”

The reality is that the Universe doesn’t work on your timeline and maybe the reason that it’s not going as fast as you’d like is to teach you that it doesn’t work on your timeline. When you’re trying to control every detail of your life, you’re not leaving any room for God’s grace to pour into your life. You’re not letting your story unfold at its own rhythm. 

You’ve got to leave room for plot twists and brilliant ideas.

I’ll give you an example. Around this time 10 years ago, we were working on Prince Royce’s first studio album. We soft launched the first single, “Corazón Sin Cara,” and it didn’t do as well as we had hoped. At that time, Royce was a virtual unknown and radio stations didn’t really want to take a chance on the single. 

Sergio George, who is the greatest tropical music producer ever and my boss at the time, wanted to go back to the drawing board. He suggested that Royce do a cover song. Royce really wanted to do a bachata version of “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson, but we ended up not going that direction because we weren’t sure that MJ’s publisher would clear the song.

That’s when Royce came back with the idea to do a bachata version of “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. Game changer. That song was huge and launched Royce’s career. 

Had we been so keen on sticking to the timeline, we would’ve missed that brilliant idea and that beautiful outpouring of God’s grace.

2. You could be asking for a piece of fruit and God wants to give you a fruit buffet at a five star resort.

There’s a little bit more that needs to happen for God to give you a fruit buffet at a five star resort. Piece of fruit -- open the refrigerator. Open the fruit container. Grab the fruit. Thank you and Buh-bye. With a fruit buffet at a five star resort, there are more working pieces that need to be figured out. 

There are approximately 7.5+ billion people in the world right now. That’s a lot of logistics that need to be coordinated, boo. God has an eagle eye view of your situation and sees all of the moving parts. You only perceive a small fraction of what is actually going on.

I find it comforting to know that God has my best interests at heart and that everything is working out in my favor. Even the uncomfortable stuff, the frustrating stuff, the heartbreaking stuff. 

When I used to work as a Career Development Coach for HVAC and Welding students, I’d have to remind my students that the things that don’t work out are also blessings. 

I used to say, “Perhaps the reason that you didn’t get that job you really wanted is because there’s a better one on the way. Or maybe your supervisor would’ve micromanaged you to death. Or, Lord forbid, the company go out of business. Stranger things have happened. So when you don’t get the job, say, ‘Amen,’ because you don’t know what God is saving you from.” 

Lately God’s been placing it on my heart that I don’t have to go at this thing called life alone, that all I need to do is surrender and trust the Universe. Like really trust. Not do that wishy washy thing where I ask God for help and then moments after praying I go back to trying to control the situation. 

No bueno.

Also, don’t get it twisted: when I say surrender to God and trust that everything is coming together in even better ways than you can imagine, that does NOT mean that you get a free pass to sit on the couch all day.

Nah, boo. You gon’ have to continue to put in the work, stay consistent and do your part.

I remember hearing the story of the man who prayed every day to win the lotto. “Dear God, please let me win the lotto.” Day after day. The man started getting frustrated. “God, I’m asking you to let me win the lotto. Why aren’t you listening to me?” Then God replied, “Well, you gon’ buy a lottery ticket or what?” 

You can’t get a new job if you aren’t networking and filling out job applications and going through the process. You can’t get in shape if you’re not doing some form of exercise and eating healthier. 

What I’m saying is that you stay consistent with your action AND you trust that God is preparing that buffet for you. You trust that, even if it looks completely different that what you originally envisioned, God is setting you up for success.

3. It’s about the person you become along the way.

So cliché, right? “It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.” But there’s some truth in that, HB.

I know you’re thinking, “LaTisha, I want to get married. I don’t want to be alone. I’m tired of this.”

I get you, boo. I really do.

But can you honestly tell me that right now, as you are, you are ready for the man of your dreams to come into your life and say, “Girl, let’s just married. I just wanna get married.” (Jagged Edge voice). 

Because I don’t think so. Real talk, you soundin’ kinda thirsty. You know I love you and I’m gon keep it real with you. If you’re giving off this need to make it happen, desperate because I don’t want to be lonely vibe, that may actually be a huge turn-off for the partner of your dreams. I know you feel that energy is draining and isolating because you’re dealing with it every single day.

Or let me give you another example -- one of my dreams is to do a sold-out workshop at Madison Square Garden. Hey, anything is possible and it’s on my bucket list. 

Here’s the thing: I’m still evolving into the woman who is fully ready for that opportunity. If it were to drop in my lap right now, I know I’m not ready for it AND I know I’m becoming the woman who is 100% ready to get on that stage and bring down the house. 

We’re on Episode 36 of From the Front Row With LaTisha Cotto and, with each episode, I get better and better. Thinking of a topic and what I want to share with you. Recording it in one take. Doing all of the behind the scenes admin stuff to get it scheduled and pushed out on time. Every day I get better. 

The same goes for you. 

You are both a masterpiece and work in progress all at the same time. Don’t rob yourself of the journey because you’re in such a rush to get to the destination. 

Tremendo tangent alert: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve enjoyed getting dolled up at the house MORE THAN the actual going out. 

That being said, let yourself be a beginner. Let yourself fully go through the process of becoming who you’re becoming. Let yourself fall in love with yourself so that you can totally see why someone else would. (Newsflash: you’re the bee’s knees, Honey Bunny. Of course, anyone would be lucky to have you.)

Give yourself time to bloom. 

We live in a culture that glorifies instant gratification when the truth is that most people that you think of as overnight successes have been doing it for years AND are still working on their best selves.

I want you to know that there is never a moment where you’re forgotten or overlooked. You can rest assured that no one can ever take what God has destined for you. You can place your faith in the fact that you are loved beyond measure by a Universe that thought life was incomplete without you, so BAM here are you. I believe great things for you and I’m holding that space for you so that you can one day believe them for yourself. 

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment on the blogcast page for today’s episode and let me know your greatest takeaway from today’s episode. Specificity is your best friend. You never know who you may inspire with your story. 

I’m cheering for you. Like, no matter what, you’re right on time.