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On 8/26/19, I’m releasing my first ever e-mail challenge. You’re not gonna want to miss this one. It takes two seconds to sign up and it’s absolutely free.

HBIC Resource Library

resource library

The HBIC Resource Library has over 50 workbooks, checklists, meditations, wallpapers, etc. to help you run the world. Best part? It’s absolutely free.

From the Front Row with LaTisha Cotto Podcast


Every Friday, I’m coming at you live from the row, tapping you into your inner independent woman (throw your hands up at me!) with tips, tricks, and inspiration.

HBIC Virtual Book Club

HBIC book club

On 9/28/19 at 1:00 PM CST, we’ll be discussing “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It” by Chris Voss.

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May you always know the depths of your brilliance, resilience and worthiness. -- LaTisha Cotto