We’ve All Been There

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Happy Monday, HB!

Have you ever based your lovableness on outside factors? I know I have. In today’s blog post, “Self-Love Affirmations for the Woman Who Thinks She’s Unlovable,” I talk about how each time one of my romantic relationships ended, I would blame myself for not being lovable enough. I was too demanding and so scared of being left that I’d do everything in my power to make them leave first (kinda reminds me of that movie “Fools Rush In” with Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry).

I’m now at a place where I can look back at my younger self with compassion and loving kindness. She was always lovable enough -- she just didn’t realize that love always begins as an inside job.

I think we have all been there in some way, shape or form because we have learned to base our lovability on how the outside world receives us. Any form of rejection, criticism or judgment has the ability to send us into a tizzy because we don’t have a solid foundation of self-love holding us steady.

I’ve said it before (and I’m certain you’ll hear me say it again a million more times) -- our self-love (or lack of self-love) affects pretty much every area of our lives -- our relationships, our money, our dreams (and the courage to go after them), our health, etc.

The first step in changing the relationship with yourself is to get clear on where exactly your lack of self-love is rearing its ugly head in your life. For me, it was my romantic relationships. For you, it may be your diet or the way you handle your personal finances.

Once you aware, then you can start doing something about it. Affirmations have been a game changer for me. I call my affirmations practice “thinking on purpose” because I am inputting gorgeous, energizing thoughts that make me feel good. I still have those days where I don’t feel very lovable (I’m very human) and affirmations help me change the narrative in my mind.

In today’s blog post (here’s the free PDF version so you can read when you have time), I share 20 of my favorite Louise Hay self-love affirmations from You Can Heal Your Life. I hope you’ll recite these daily AND especially in those moments when you don’t feel lovable. Here is the free PDF download of these 20 affirmations for you to print out, save on your tablet/phone, etc.

HB, I want you to know that your lovableness is NOT based on how the outside world treats you. It doesn’t matter if you got dumped, fired or rejected. It doesn’t matter if you failed or if you didn’t rise up to the occasion.

You are lovable. You always have been and you always will be. No matter what. Right now. Just as you are. It’s time to let that truth soak into your very being and to let go of anything or anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Now it’s your turn. Read today’s blog post and leave a comment with your greatest takeaway. Here’s the PDF version of the blog post and the PDF version of the 20 affirmations for you to review as many times as you need to.

I’m cheering for you. Like your lovableness is a given (because it is!).

LaTisha Cotto