Trust the Becoming

Happy Monday, HB!

There is a space in between “no longer” and “Mama, I made it.” This is where Life gives you the environment and the catalyst (aka the push that makes you take action) that you need for the greatest growth.

This in-between space feels friggin’ scary.

Lyric is obsessed with Moana, so we’ve been watching this movie a lot lately. In order to save the day, Moana leaves her beautiful island of Motunui by crossing the reef. On her first attempt, she fails miserably and almost loses her beloved pig, Pua. On her second attempt, she successfully crosses the reef and heads out into the expansive ocean.

Her time in the ocean is her in-between space. It’s also what we classify as the “good part” of the movie.

In her in-between space, Moana faces many challenges:

· She gets Maui on board with her mission.
· She battles the Kakamora in the ocean and outsmarts Tamatoa in Lalotai.
· She convinces Maui to believe in himself again after he is unable to shapeshift successfully.
· During their first encounter with Te Kā, the lava demon, Maui’s hook is severely damaged and he leaves her hanging.
· She faces Te Kā herself. Maui does return, but it is ultimately Moana who faces off with the lava demon.

She faces off with Te Kā and wins. She goes back to her people as the hero of this Disney tale. What an epic movie with an amazing ending.

And it almost didn’t happen.

You see, Moana almost gives up. It’s just too much and she is feeling defeated. She even gives the heart back to the ocean and is about to head home when she receives a visit from the spirit of her Grandma Tala.

Of course, there’s music involved.

Grandma Tala sings to Moana, “Sometimes the world seems against you. The journey may leave a scar, but scars can heal and reveal just where you are. The people you love will change you. The things you have learned will guide you. Nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you. When that voice starts to whisper, ‘Moana, you've come so far.’ Moana, listen. Do you know who you are?

I always tear up at this part because, well, I tear up at everything AND because the reality is that we are all Moana at some point in our lives.

At this very moment, you may find yourself in your own in-between space You may be ready to throw in the towel because it’s just too much. The world keeps giving you challenges. You’re not who you were AND you’re not the highest version of yourself, either.

I get it, boo. I really do


I implore you. Don’t give up. Trust the becoming. Trust that your in-between space is the fertile environment where God gives you the challenges you need to reach your highest potential. You can’t develop muscles if you never put yourself in a position to strengthen them (Translation: there may be sweat and tears involved and some pain as your body converts your fat into energy to build your muscles).

You may be in your in-between space, but trust that you won’t be there forever. Your new best practice is to trust and believe that everything that’s going on has appeared for your highest good.

That challenge in your life is showing you that you are the person to overcome it.

I believe this for you and I pray that you will believe it for yourself. You deserve to see how far you go when you don’t give up. You deserve to know who you are.

Now it’s your turn. Hit reply and tell me what challenges you’re currently facing. Also, include one specific action step that you can implement today to move you forward.

I’m cheering for you. Like Lyric does when she sees baby Moana follow the seashells into the ocean.

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