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Happy Monday, HB!

Our lack of self-love has the ability to manifest in different areas of our lives: our finances, our career, our health, our relationships, to name a few. What trips me up may not even make you blink an eye. That’s why it’s important to develop self-awareness so that we can identify the areas in our lives that are suffering because we are not loving ourselves unconditionally.

Because of this, I designed a self-love spectrum quiz so that you can 1) see where you fall on the spectrum 2) see which areas of your life could use more of your loving kindness.

My hope is that you will make loving yourself a priority in 2019.

Whether it’s setting healthy boundaries at work or speaking your truth in your marriage, I hope that you will always honor the divine light that God has placed in you. God has gifted you your body and your life to show you the depths of your power and that of the Universe.

I ask you to consider implementing this new best practice: believe that everything is working out in your favor. Even the bad stuff. The stuff you wish you didn’t have to deal with. The challenges in your relationship. The debt you can’t seem to get rid of. That stubborn belly weight. The procrastination when you know you should be acting. All of it. It’s working in your favor, revealing to you the beliefs that need to be healed and the thoughts that need your attention.

Not sure where to begin? I invite you to try a 1:1 session with me. Oftentimes, an outside perspective is just what you need to create momentum and shift in your life.

Now it’s your turn. Take the self-love spectrum quiz and let me know your results.

I’m cheering for you. Like you just passed your physical.

From the Front Row,


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