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How to Replace Negative Self-Talk with Loving Self-Talk

I often get so caught up in the details of life that I forget to live. I am so obsessed with getting to my destination that I don’t smell the roses. Mama Terry is always reminding me to stop and smell the roses. After all, the best part of the journey is the traveling: the people you meet along the way, the things you learn (and, more importantly, unlearn!) and the person you become as a result.

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Loving the Unlovable

I love social media because it has connected us more than ever. It’s given me a platform to connect with my clients, readers and followers so that I can share helpful tips and perspective. I always say that my intention is to give you tools and techniques that you can use to live your best life right now. When you live your best life, you change the lives of those around you and inspire them to do the same. Next thing you know, we are living in a world where people have finally realized that only love is real.

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The First Step to Loving Ourselves

I’ve gotten some really great feedback from my 01/07 newsletter about self-love (and my blog post, 100 Signs You Don’t Love Yourself). Many of you have reached out and expressed your interest in loving yourself more. You’ve told me how your lack of self-love has manifested in your lives (body image issues, confidence issues, relationship issues, personal finance issues, etc).

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Take the Self-Love Quiz Right Now

Our lack of self-love has the ability to manifest in different areas of our lives: our finances, our career, our health, our relationships, to name a few. What trips me up may not even make you blink an eye. That’s why it’s important to develop self-awareness so that we can identify the areas in our lives that are suffering because we are not loving ourselves unconditionally.

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My 3 Tips for Starting Your Self-Love Journey

How are you loving 2019 so far? How have you chosen to show up this year? What things are you up to and excited about?

You may notice that I have changed “Maven Musings Monday” to “From the Front Row with LaTisha Cotto.” Whether it’s in a blog post, e-course, or newsletter, this phrase has become my way of letting you know that, as you take center stage and rock out your best life, I am right there in the front row jamming with you as your #1 fan. It is an honor to support you on this beautiful journey called life.

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