A Quick Guide to Self-Love: Six Practical Ways to Treat Yourself With Loving Kindness

Happy Monday, HB!

One of the things that trips me up about self-love is moving from philosophy to action. How does self-love play out in my life? Do I just recite, "I love myself" a million times a day? Give myself a hug? Buy myself a new coat? Will these actions really have an effect and make me love myself?

In today's blog post, I offer you my perspective on self-love and I give you six simple and practical ways that you can implement self-love into every area of your life.

I also created a brainstorming session workbook for you to think of your own self-love actions based on your five love languages. The workbook is located in my Resource Library. Not a library member yet? I got you, boo. Click HERE to join right now.

Now it's your turn. Read today's blog post and leave a comment with your greatest takeaway.

I'm cheering for you. Like you just wrote yourself a four page letter and you enclosed it with a kiss.

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