In the Land of Tomorrow


(a Yogi Tish original)

In the land of tomorrow

Live all the dreams of today

All the "I'll just do it tomorrow" 

All the asanas you've never tried

All the phone calls you've never made

All the requests you've never asked


In the land of tomorrow

Live all the promises of today

All the "Yeah, we'll go to the park" 

All the fun times with loved ones

All the rest and relaxation

All the healthy meals 


In the land of tomorrow

Live all the accomplishments of today

All the "Three more classes till I graduate"

All of our dormant inner potential

All of our transformation


Funny thing is that we don't live

in the land of tomorrow.

We can only live in the here and now. 

Why let that goodness remain in a place we can never truly be?

Why not stand in the sun now?

Life is short, but long

long, but short

too important to not see what we're made of

stardust and laughter

tears and magic

Just do it. Whatever it is. Just do it.

Dream it. Create it. Be it.


No more land of tomorrow.